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Our agency is designed to empower authors to share their narratives with a global audience – from creating appealing eBook covers to distribution. Let’s transition from a dull manuscript to a beaming bestseller author.

Appealing eBook Covers

In today’s digital world, where words meet narratives, creating an eBook is just the beginning. But to make your book visually appealing, our team ensures to create unique eBook covers that compliment your narrative. Your eBook cover is a buzz before the big launch of your book!

Fixed Format for eBooks

Engage your readers in a visually appealing presentation, maintaining the layout of your content across various devices, including iPads, mobiles, and laptops. In other words, the layout of each page is fixed, so readers don’t have to adjust the line spacing, font size, or margins. Let’s improve your content with precision, in order to provide your readers with consistency through every page.

Direct-to-Reader Sales

Seeking to directly engage with your audience? Take control of your success by connecting directly with your audience with us. Wiley Harper Publications empowers authors with direct-to-reader sales, enabling you to build a loyal following base and maximize your revenue. Let’s establish a direct link that fosters long-term connections.

eBooks Distribution

Reach a broader target audience, increase visibility, and let your words resonate globally with our extensive eBook distribution network. Whether it is Amazon Kindle Store, Barnes & Noble, Apple Books, Kobo, or Google Books, our agency ensures to establish your presence globally.

Social Media Ads Campaign
for Authors

With the prevailing wave of digitalization, social media has become an integral part of many. 80% of users are active on social media, hence, you can reach a broader target audience with effective ad campaigns. Our marketing professionals will analyze the metadata and target the users on Facebook and Instagram accordingly.

eBook Conversion Services

The term ‘conversion’ signifies the transition of the digital manuscript into a hard or physical copy or vice versa. With the analysis of social media ad campaigns, you can identify the target audience willing to have a hard copy of your book and the number of people willing to purchase the digital copy. We provide a compatibility-tested eBook file that meets the standards.

Why Should You Choose Our Publishing Services?

As a dedicated book publishing hub, we strive to weave your literary dreams with our expertise and empower your publishing journey with our comprehensive services.

Maximize Visibility

Our effective marketing strategies paired with targeted campaigns ensure your eBook carves its presence in the digital market and leverages the online publishing platform, ultimately increasing your book’s visibility.

Industry Expertise

Our professionals hold the expertise in the ever-evolving book publishing landscape. From refining the content of your manuscript to positioning in the market, our understanding entrenches into the roots of the industry, hence offering valuable insights.

Standard Distribution

Our commitment to standard eBook distribution indicates to reach your target audience through a credible and reliable publishing platform Hence, we aim to secure widespread availability for your book through various channels.

Global Reach

We facilitate your book publishing process to reach a global audience – whether it's through international platforms or partnerships – and we strive to share your story with the world.

Mark Your Territory In The Publishing World

Publishing is the stepping stone, while marketing is the sharp-edged arrow targeted to become the best-seller.

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